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Explore Tuscany picturesque medieval towns and villages and enjoy exquisite cuisine


Dear Visitor,

Travelling within Tuscany is an unforgettable series of moments when you are completely captivated by what’s around you. Those who love travelling know that unexpected discoveries and encounters make your experience rich and unforgettable. Our favourite moments have often been the ones in which people have told us about their world with stories and curious anecdotes, even better sitting together with a glass of good wine at Zanetti Villas.
Zanetti Villas Tours is a family business and we would like you to feel as part of the family. Through our tours we want to share our knowledge and the passion that ties us to our land, Tuscany, so to make your trip a memorable one. Besides art masterpieces and dream landscapes, we want you to discover the truest Tuscany and the secrets of its traditions.